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The Gottman Institute

A number of these resources are third party and although we feel they may be useful to you, we take no responsibility for their use and availability.

The Gottman institute has a number of resources around relationships. See

Fair Fighting Rules

Conflict Resolution

Personal Boundaries

Shared Qualities

Unhelpful Thinking

Resources Page

Handouts and Information

Different Perspectives

Relationship Patterns in Distress

Relationship back-to-back exercise

Videos of interest.  

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Books of interest

This book by the Gottman explores all their understanding around making a positive and successful relationship from their 40 years of study. A really good book to read to understand what you can do to improve your relationship.

This book explores relationships change when you bring home your new born child. It explains the things you can try to keep your relationship strong when the dynamics between you change dramatically, and you are both tired and feeling different.

Shirley Glass has studied affairs for many years, and before her illness and death, worked with many couples experiencing the betrayal in their relationship. This book is helpful for all parties involved, but we find most couples get more from it once the rawness and anger has passed a little.

Esther Perel has studied relationships for many years. In this book, she has explored affairs. Although we don’t follow all of her views, this is a good book to read to try and understand affairs, what drives people into them, and explores that affairs are not always a sign that the marriage is in a poor state.