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Hi Tom.

You may not remember me, but my husband and I came and saw you in November 2008 when we were really desperate. Recently, coming to Oxford Street to do some Xmas shopping, made me think of the therapy. I just wanted to drop you a mail to say how good our relationship is now, and to thank you from both of us for the help you gave us on getting our relationship back together………..”

Hi Tina.

I promised I would mail you to let you know how things are going. John and I are getting on much much better now. We still have some small disagreements, but we think of those 4 horseman and change how we are talking straight away!

We’re due to go on that dream holiday to Barbados and I know we would have never gone as a couple if we hadn’t come to see you.

Thank you from both of us.

…....and we both know not only did we improve as a couple, but seeing you individually really helped us as people. I’d like to thank you for your patience as I know I was very resistant at first, and really didn't think counselling could make any difference. What do I know!

Lisa would also like to thank Tom. Even though she only saw him twice, that time in her life which always came back to haunt her seems to be very distant now, and the fact she can let that go of it has helped her with her trust.

Kind regards *******

…….and although we ended separating, I think the counselling helped us see that was the best way forward, and certainly helped us separate in a respectful way. I know the cultural differences were discussed in the counselling and I’m still not sure if that was the biggest factor, but thank you for helping me (us) get some clarity around our situation………………..

….I would recommend the centre to anyone needing help with with their marriage………

…….this is short email to let you know how things went. As you know, we were still undecided on moving back in together even though we were getting on so well. I guess as you said, it was fear of things falling apart again. In the end we did do this and although it’s only been a couple of months, we are still getting on really well. We have visited one of the four-horsemen occasionally! but the new skills we have worked well. We both wanted to say thanks…