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The Relationship Centre is for any couple who are looking for a better relationship, whether it’s to improve on a good relationship to make it a wonderful one, or if it’s a relationship in crisis that needs help. We were originally based in Harley Street, central London, but now work in Hythe on the edge of the New Forest and also Alresford near Winchester in Hampshire. We see clients from Alton, Hythe, Southampton, Alresford, Winchester, Lymington and other areas. The centre is a Hub for not just Psychotherapy, but also research, training and couple counselling, supervision and relationship coaching. Most people think of couple counselling as being a last resort when things are really bad, and crisis point has been reached. This doesn’t have to be the case. Many relationships benefit in a big way by using couple counselling as a way of sorting out minor issues in the relationship, before they grow into resentment and arguments. Sometimes couple counselling can be used to help a relationship end in a positive way, so any anger or resentment is left in the counselling room, and not taken into their new life as separate people.

Why are we different?

Couple counselling can sometimes be that a counsellor sits back and ‘allows’ you to talk and find your own solutions. This approach can work with individuals, but often couples using this approach find they just end up arguing their way through the session, and couples instead need an approach which gives some guidance on how to repair a broken relationship. We not only offer a coaching approach which will give you tools to help with this, but we base much of our work on the Gottman Method. The Gottman’s are a married couple of Psychologists and therapists who have studied relationships for over 40 years, so their work is evidenced based. We also use the approaches from some of the best know and proven therapists and training. This means the structure of our relationship counselling has been proven to work successfully and includes giving you new skills and understanding to make your relationship the best it can be.

We use a variety of approaches and techniques to help you work through your relationship problems. Techniques include: open discussions, conflict management and analysing negative patterns of behaviour. Many couples are apprehensive if they haven’t been in therapy before, but it’s not about blames or attack, it’s about understanding and all working together to help the relationship repair and flourish.

We have selected Saturday Crisis Appointments available. These are for a couple in crisis who need a counsellor ASAP……read more

“Lets not forget it’s you and me vs. problem. Not you vs. me” -anon

“You cant just give up on someone just because the situation is not ideal. Great relationships aren’t great because they have no problems. They’re great because both people care about the other person to find a way to make it work.” -Unknown


Supervision for Counsellors working with Couples

…it’s strange as I look back and remember how we were when we first came and saw you. I suppose at the time I thought there was no hope……..
….and we have just booked a second honeymoon in Paris!……thank you from both of us..

Jan 2018




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Accredited Counsellors and BUPA Approved

Accredited Counsellors and BUPA Approved